In 2009, three community associations, Hindu SamajSwindon Indian Association and Swindon Tamil associations realised that a partnership was needed to offer multi cultural activities on a regular basis, so they got together to form SAPAC with a distinct aim to provide regular South Asian cultural programmes locally. Since the formation of SAPAC, the three associations have been working in collaboration to offer joint cultural performances at a larger scale.

We have arranged many very successful South Asian cultural events and regularly host larger performances by professional artists.

  • The centre has supported many artists in reaching community groups in genres such as Hindustani vocal, Kathak, Bharat Natyam and Tabla.
  • The centre offers workshops in various classical dances including Kathak and Bharat Natyam, ancient folk traditions like Giddah and contemporary styles popularised by Bollywood cinema.
  • The Centre brings well known artists to Swindon to inspire learners and performers.

We want to hear about your ideas and suggestions for future performances and encourage like minded organisations to talk to us and work with us to increase the profile of South Asian performing arts.

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