We bring people together through art and culture. SAPAC offers regular events, workshops and performances in music, dance and theatre from South Asian countries to make cultural diversity more visible and accessible in Swindon with the support of local media including Swindon 105.5 Community RadioBBC Wiltshire, and the Swindon Advertiser.

Current Partner Organisations

We work with national artists and companies to deliver, choreograph and present events , performances and workshops. These include Sonia Sabri, Seeta Patel, Aakesh (Odedra company) and Anushka  Subramanyam (Beeja Dance).

Partner Associations & Their Websites

Artists / Teachers / Coaches

For all teacher enquires please email us at [email protected]

Archana Bhatt
Bharatanatyam Teacher

From Karnataka, Archana has 12 years experience dancing and teaching Bharatanatyam. Currently she teaches students of varying levels at Haydon Wick Centre, Swindon.

Dr Shivani Sharma
Deputy Chair and Kathak Teacher

Shivani has been teaching and performing Kathak in Swindon for the last 5 years to promote the physical and psychological benefits of dance. Shivani is the Deputy Chair of SAPAC as well as the Head of the Psychology Division at the University of Hertfordshire.

Sweta Gupta
Bollywood Dance Teacher

Sweta is teacher at Bollynaach and teaches Bollywood dance to all ages from 4 years upwards and to all levels of ability. At Bollynaach, Hindi, English, devotional, and regional songs from India are used for choreography.

Tejal Sonwalker
Kathak and Bollywood Dance Teacher

Tejal teachers a mixture of all forms of Kathak including Jaipur, Luknow, and Banaras, as well as Bollywood and folk numbers. Tejal was taught by Aabha Wamburkar, a disciple of Guru Rohini Bhate.


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